My work is inspired by nature and has a sense of flow and movement. Botanicals and marine life guide my choices in color and theme. As a child, I grew up in Southern California and on the coast of Baja, Mexico. My personal history and the death of my mother when I was very young, heavily influence my work. Experiencing loss at an early age naturally changed the way I viewed the world. I tend to observe my surroundings in details - colors in the sky, the structure of a petal in a flower, the flow of water, a breeze moving leaves on a tree. My visual observations as well as the connection to memories of my mother are what make up my art.


Maggie Ramirez Burns is a California native transplant in the Pacific Northwest where she has lived for over 20 years. Her mediums include acrylic paint, gouache, ink and paper. Abstractions of things found in nature are her primary subjects. Maggie is passionate about color, lines, form and how they relate to each other. Although, she has been creating since she was a child, she has recently focused on painting and mixed media collage. She has been on a creative art path since 2014. She and her husband are small independent shoe store owners. They live in Seattle with their teenage son and rescue dog Sushi.