This small collection of mini 3D collages is an homage to my roots. As a first generation American child of Latino parents, I had to straddle the complexities of growing up in two different societies while never feeling I fitted into either. As a child, we traveled to Mexico extensively and as a shy teenager, our family moved to Baja California full time. The colors and shapes are inspired by the roadside stalls of crafts and souvenirs sold to tourists. Shops  filled with vibrant colors of papel picado, piñatas, and pottery that we drove by daily on our way to school. Bougainvillea vines in purple and magenta, the embroidered guayaberas that my father wore will always mean summer to me. A celebration of my Mexican heritage in every cut and shape of paper.


These works are the culmination of all of those memories, reconciling the feelings of my younger self, being a daughter of humble immigrants, embarrassed of my rich heritage, living in a 80's America. My adult self proud and grateful for the privilege I had growing up in a creative, colorful, home filled with love.